Sport (English Edition)

Sport (English Edition) por Manoj Iyer

Titulo del libro : Sport (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 21, 2013
Autor : Manoj Iyer
Número de páginas : 14
Editor :

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Manoj Iyer con Sport (English Edition)

This book is an exclusive account on the importance of different types of sports existing worldwide.It is not unnecessarily detailed in nature and gives a simple description on the influence of sports on our daily lives.Certain games have been handpicked based on the knowledge and experience of the author and explained in brief in regard to the way they are run,gameplay and people involved with examples and events.These are entirely the thoughts of the author and has absolutely no reference to any material taken from elsewhere.It is short,simple and sweet.It aims at giving the reader a fair idea about a limted number of chosen games.It would be almost impossible to cover the entire gamut of sports and all existing worldwide games in just one ebook given the limitations of the author.Sit back,relax and enjoy